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Security is a funny thing for some people. You wind up hearing the same excuses from people. Either it’s to complicated for some to handle, or they simply do not have the time.

One of the reasons why some pay so little attention to security is due to the infrastructure. Some say they have more control over their on-site premise security than they do with the cloud.

Those who have used the cloud in the past have spoken about broken promises. Some say that the cloud promises to look after them, when really they are doing nothing. It’s up to you which story you wish to believe in.

Some like to believe in the later story due to their own ignorance over the cloud. Some like to believe that the cloud is not taking their best interests at heart. It’s these people who have a lack of trust to start with.

Due to the stories going around, more companies and individuals are choosing to be complacent about security risks. They are choosing to believe in the lies.

Now it’s time for the truth. The cloud does have it’s issues. Name me one security protocol that doesn’t have issues. The truth is you have to start believing in something. Which is why I suggest doing your own research on the cloud and their services. You will find that half the stories going around are just that, they are stories.

The bottom line is that you have to start taking security seriously. Those malicious attacks are not going to stop. You might just come to find that your on-site security that you have put in place, it might not be doing the job you wish it was.

All I ask is that you walk away from this with a greater appreciation for how valuable online security with the cloud really is. That the risk of being attacked is not just another scare tactic. It is something real.