network security

When you deal with computers and technological advancements you are going to also be dealing with threats. There is not way to avoid the threat, I am sorry to say. You can change the way you deal with them though. If you know what to look for, than you have already won half the battle.

There are lots of threats that you might come across. While it’s best to get to know each threat, this becomes a physical and statistical impossibility. I can however direct your attention to the top 6 that you need to be truly concerned with.


This will happen any time you share information with someone else. This is why you have to be on top of the information you are sending. You have to know who you are sending the information to and why. You should also have some sort on encryption on the material. This way you and only you can get to it, as well as the recipient.

You also need to be very much aware of who you are sending the stuff to. Can you trust the person 100%. Factor this in before you hit send. The more high-profile the stuff is, the more exposed you have become.

When all of this happens, your company is going to be charged. Your company could have fines and criminal charges put out. It might have been a mistake, a mistake you had no knowledge of. It won’t matter in the eyes of the law.

The more risky the data breach is, the more charges you will have on your plate. This will rack up serious costs within the company. This also will damage your reputation. Be very careful with how your company handles this type of stuff, when it happens. Trust me, it will happen.

This is another reason why you need to have some sort of cloud protection on your computer and all the data you have on file. You have to protect yourself. Would you rather put out more money on protecting yourself or fighting a data breach? The choice is yours.


This reason is because of number one. The reason number one happens is due to having weak passwords. It’s also due to people seeing information that should not be seen. This is why you need to have all your credentials in line.

You also need to have your information safe and sound. Only those with official access to certain things should be seeing the stuff. Never leave an embedded code out for someone else to see it. Some times developers do this for the next person coming on board. This is wrong. Why? Someone else could come by and see what happens. This person could take the encryption and run.

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Almost every cloud device and support system will have an API. This is what developers use to get to certain information. Unfortunately, this information can also be exposed. This happens a lot because it’s very public domain. You have to pay attention to this.

It’s best to have control over your interfaces and API’s too. Make sure that no one else has access to them but you. If this means you have to put up a bug, than do so. This bug will let you know if someone has been trying to get in. Consider this to be an extra piece of the puzzle.

Protect your API’s and interfaces at all times. All someone needs is the embedded address and they have got you and your data.


There is something called a “bug”.These are exploited programs within the system. They can find their way into any system, and at any time. All they have to do is find their way into a file and they’ve got you.

You can reduce this risk by having lots of protection on your data, not to mention your whole computer. You can also start migrating the computer system. This will cost you, but not as much as other things.

This is an IT process. This process costs a great deal less than putting out for a damaged server and hardware system.


This is when someone puts out a phishing scam. It’s a form of fraudulent behavior. Someone puts in a “bug” and the less-suspecting person will open it up. This is when the person gets a virus, or something else more damaging.

Everyone needs to know about this. It happens more specifically with emails. This is one of the more simpler ways to get into your account. Once they are in, they have got you.

You can stop all of this by putting up an extra layer of protection for all your accounts.

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This most often comes from an inside job. This could either be a current or former employee. This could be someone who wants to get back at the company or a specific person. This happens for many different reasons. Sometimes it’s a wrongful dismissal. Sometimes it’s illegal behaviors. It varies depending on the company situation.

These attacks could also be coming from someone who is already working there, for different reasons. Protection is not just about what is happening on the outside of the window, but on the inside too.

You can never trust someone completely, especially when it comes to business acumen. Keep yourself armed and defended at all times. If someone is getting back at your for something on the inside, their revenge and planning could cost you a great deal. No one is never that innocent.

It’s best to a amp up your protection on your information. If you have to, build up an extra wall. These walls and the coding should not be given out to anyone. I don’t care how much you trust someone at work, never give out the information. At any given time someone can turn on you.