Some of the most important buildings and homes ever created are due to the many failures and success of structural engineers of the centuries. Dating back to before 2700 B.C. mankind has been innovated and constantly pushing the ceiling of what can be made structural. Structural engineering and civil engineering usually go hand and hand as structural engineers focus mostly on the same things civil engineers do. That is the overall well-being of people inside or using a structure.

structural engineering

This structure can be tiki hit, home, movie theater, car wash, twenty mile bridge, etc. No matter what the project size and usage nothing From the time the first human beings built shelter for themselves and tools to use in the wild structural engineering was born. Some people forget to realize or understand that engineering structures doesn’t just consist buildings or bridges. The construction anything that is formed or built with a specific pattern is the definition of structural engineering.

Empire State Building

Structural engineering can contain various types of materials to build masterpieces. Building roads and bridges are made of steel, metal, wood, concrete, glass, fiber glass and much much more. Many times the combination of multiple materials are used to make structures. Steel and titanium are among one of the strongest metals engineers use in their structures. Before steel was added to the design of most buildings hurricanes and earthquakes would easily drop buildings and homes without much force. Finally with extra durability and support beams steel has been able to help building reach new heights.

New heights could actually be an understatement as many skyscrapers which have metal inside in the blueprints now touch hundreds of feet in the air. Before the addition of the metals mankind had only been able to reach two to three stories high before running into safety issues. Wood, clay, leaves and hay can only go so far as this was most of the medieval age proved. With the exception of concrete much higher structures were able to circulate into the construction profession.

structural engineering

Structural engineering has created some of the greatest masterpieces on Earth. From the Empire State Building in New York to the Eiffel Tower in Paris, France structural engineering has built some of the world’s most notable buildings. Many don’t know have conclusive evidence on the of the wonders of the world however the Pyramids in Egypt is truly a work of structural engineering of great importance. Not only does it display the sheer brilliance of the architects and masons involved it shines light on the process of constructing. The pyramids are a structure within structures with the depth reaching far below sea level.

Underneath the pyramids lay catacombs and webs of passages and mazes that could leave many baffle ad to how to exit. Maybe escape is the term as this structurally engineered building also comes along with death traps galore as well as tombs for unwanted intruders. The victims of the great pyramid are still unknown as the number and names have still not been completely classified or found. Mummification was also practiced during these times in Egypt. With this in mind structural engineers at the tine saw the perfect opportunity to add tombs for high ranked officials and kings during the time. As well as room for the mummification process to be completed.